Data Services

Inpatient Statistics by State
4 - State level DRG/MS-DRG Data

This file highlights claims data at the DRG/MS-DRG level aggregated by state.

Based upon a single fiscal year of Medicare IPPS claims data, the following fields are included in a comma delimited text format:

  • State
  • DRG/MS-DRG Code
  • Cases
  • Days
  • Charges
  • Reimbursement

Only instances of more than 10 claims are reported in compliance with CMS data release policies. Only claims from FY2006 (for FY2008 MS-DRG), FY2007 (for FY2008 or FY2009 MS-DRG) or Q3 FY2008 (for FY2008 or FY2009 MS-DRG) data are available for MS-DRG reporting. Claims for other years may be available grouped under MS-DRG as part of a custom data project.

Other information such as a facility total record and fields including estimated cost, average length of stay, DRG/MS-DRG, weight, outlier payment, and discharge destination are common additions to this list.

For a quote on adding additional fields, send us an email with your specifications to sales@ahd.com or give us a call at 800-894-8418.