How to use Market Analysis App

This app enables you to map patient origin statistics by ZIP code for selected hospitals or geographic areas. A set of Map Display Options are available to specify your interests and the results are interactively displayed on the map and in the tables below it.

Clicking a ZIP code displayed on the map will create a table to the right of the map listing hospitals that serve the ZIP, their numbers of patients, and their percentage market share. (Hospitals with fewer than 10 patients are not listed

The Hospital Information table below the map shows key operating statistics for each hospital mapped. Colors indicated in the table correspond to the map. Hospitals in the table with no color code indicated do not have a majority share of any ZIP code included in the search results. This table can be sorted by clicking on a column heading.

Browser Limitations

You will receive a warning if your specifications may represent too many ZIP codes for mapping. High numbers of ZIP codes can cause processing problems for some computers and some browsers. This app is optimized for Chrome and Firefox browsers.

Due to limitations with Internet Explorer, those using it will be limited in the number of ZIP codes which can be reported (max. 400). Firefox and Chrome users should not experience this issue.

Mobile device users (tablets, smartphones, etc.) will find that the performance of this app will vary depending on the device and browser used. If when using a mobile device you find that your device is unable to process a request, it is likely due to too many ZIP codes being in the request. Try a different search which would return fewer ZIP codes for processing.