Profile Definitions and Methodology

Identification and Characteristics

The report you are viewing for Norton Hospital with period ending 12/31/2018 uses the 2552-10 format.

HCRIS format
Hospital Name, address, and telephone number

Hospital name, address, and telephone number are taken from three sources according to the following precedence:

  • Information may be collected and updated as the result of direct communications with hospitals, news items, etc.  Such information has highest precedence over other sources.
  • Information may be collected or updated directly from a hospital's website or from a system's website.
  • Information for hospitals without websites may be taken from their most recent Medicare cost report and/or the Medicare Provider of Services file.  (Data for these hospitals are updated quarterly as new versions of these files become available.  Data from these sources are only used when information is not available from a website or through direct communications.)

Notes are continually updated to reflect important information regarding mergers, new ownership, changes in operations, etc.

CMS Certification Number

All facilities that participate in the Medicare program are assigned a unique number that identifies that is used for claims processing, cost reporting, etc. This number was originally referred to as the "Medicare Provider Number" but is now known as the CMS Certification Number (CCN).

Type of Facility

The type of facility is determined from the last four digits of its CMS Certification Number:

Short Term Acute Care 0001-0899
Childrens 3300-3399
Critical Access 1300-1399
Long Term 2000-2299
Psychiatric 4000-4499
Rehabilitation 3025-3099
Other none of above
Type of Control

A hospital's type of control is taken from its most recent Medicare cost report (HCRIS file):

  • Voluntary Nonprofit, Church
  • Voluntary Nonprofit, Other
  • Proprietary, Individual
  • Proprietary, Corporation
  • Proprietary, Partnership
  • Proprietary, Other
  • Governmental, Federal
  • Governmental, City-County
  • Governmental, County
  • Governmental, State
  • Governmental Hospital District
  • Governmental, City
  • Governmental, Other
Total Staffed Beds

The number of staffed beds are taken from a hospital's most recent Medicare cost report (W/S S-3, Part I, col.2). Cost report instructions define staffed beds as, "the number of beds available for use by patients at the end of the cost reporting period. A bed means an adult bed, pediatric bed, birthing room, or newborn bed maintained in a patient care area for lodging patients in acute, long term, or domiciliary areas of the hospital. Beds in labor room, birthing room, postanesthesia, postoperative recovery rooms, outpatient areas, emergency rooms, ancillary departments, nurses' and other staff residences, and other such areas which are regularly maintained and utilized for only a portion of the stay of patients (primarily for special procedures or not for inpatient lodging) are not termed a bed for these purposes." Note that beds by unit are reported elsewhere on the Profile and the Departments reports.

Total Patient Revenue

The total patient revenue (inpatient and outpatient) is taken from a hospital's most recent Medicare Cost Report (W/S G-2, part I, line 28, column 3).

Total Discharges

The total number of inpatient discharges (all payors) is taken from a hospital's most recent Medicare Cost Report (W/S S-3, part I, line 14, column 8).

Total Patient Days

The total number of patient days (all payors) is taken from a hospital's most recent Medicare Cost Report (W/S S-3, part I, line 14, column 8).

Total Performance Score

Under Value-Based Purchasing, a hospital's Medicare payment is adjusted according to prescribed quality measures. The TPS is an aggregate score (1-100) that is calculated each fiscal year and serves as the basis for payment adjustments.

Patient Experience Rating

The HCAHPS (Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems) survey asks patients about their experiences with care during a recent overnight stay. CMS subsequently reports survey results on its Hospital Compare website and assigns a Star Rating to each of 11 measures plus a Summary Patient Experience Rating that combines individual measures.