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Based upon common requests to our custom data service, we are now offering a few prepackaged datasets from the "Identification and Characteristics" as shown on hospital Profile reports. These datasets include hospital Medicare provider ID, facility name, key contacts, street address, phone number, bed size, utilization statistics, and other useful information. They're perfect for populating contact management systems, linking with other reporting applications, etc.

Please note that AHD Data is based on physical locations and is not recommended as a mailing list. Some hospitals have mailing addresses that are separate from their physical locations.

These files are readily available and can be provided in a variety of formats to meet your specific needs. While these files are designed to meet most clients needs, additional data fields can also be added as a custom reporting service.

Pricing for these prepackaged files start at $1,200 each and includes the most recent period of information we have on hand for all available hospitals in the U.S. conveniently packaged into a single file for ease of use.

Identification and Financial Statistics description sample
Identification and Utilization Statistics description sample
Identification and Contact Information description sample