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  • Financial data for hospital cost report period ending 08/31/2023 (HCRIS 763400 - 2010).
  • Medicare IPPS claims data are for federal fiscal year ending 09/30/2023 (Proposed rule MedPAR).
  • Medicare OPPS claims data are not available.
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Barlow Respiratory Hospital Main Campus in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA  90026
CMS Certification Number: 052031

Identification and Characteristics

Name and Address: Barlow Respiratory Hospital Main Campus in Los Angeles
2000 Stadium Way
Los Angeles, CA  90026
Telephone Number: (213) 250-4200
Hospital Website:
CMS Certification Number: 052031
Type of Facility: Long Term
Type of Control: Voluntary Nonprofit, Other
Total Staffed Beds: 105
Total Patient Revenue: $685,832,362
Total Discharges: 736
Total Patient Days: 25,635
TPS Quality Score: 0.00
Patient Experience Rating: N/A
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Data for this facility includes information for: Barlow Respiratory Hospital at PIH Health Hospital Whittier, Barlow Respiratory Hospital at Valley Presbyterian.

Data for this facility includes information for Barlow Respiratory Hospital San Fernando Valley and Barlow Respiratory Hospital San Gabriel Valley.

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Clinical Services

Other Services
Special Care
Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

Joint Commission Accreditation

  • Current Status: 04/15/2023 - Accreditation with Full Standards Compliance
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Inpatient Utilization Statistics by Medical Service

  Number Medicare Inpatients Average Length of Stay Average Charges Medicare Case Mix Index (CMI)
Cardiology 13 21.31 $457,796 0.8575
Medicine 96 24.36 $538,939 0.9833
Orthopedics 12 30.08 $731,878 0.9488
Pulmonology 392 29.89 $839,099 1.3369
Surgery 29 46.55 $1,400,762 2.1850
Urology 18 23.06 $595,374 0.8432
Total 567 29.29 $792,135 1.2781
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Inpatient Origin for Top 3 Zip Codes

  • Medicare Hospital Market Service Area File for calendar year ending 12/31/2022 / Definitions
ZIP Code of Residence Discharges Days of Care Charges Discharges Inc/(Dec) Market Share
91205 12 763 $18,338,012 9.1% 0.7%

Beds and Patient Days by Unit

  Available Beds Inpatient Days
(including swing beds)
Routine Services 99 24,632
Special Care 6 1,003
Nursery 0
Total Hospital 105 25,635
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Financial Statistics

  $ %
Gross Patient Revenue $685,832,362 99.4
Non-Patient Revenue $4,400,686 0.6
Total Revenue $690,233,048  
Net Income (or Loss) $-4,497,680 -0.7
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