About American Hospital Directory, Inc.

Contact Information

American Hospital Directory, Inc.
166 Thierman Lane
Louisville, KY 40207
Phone: (800) 894-8418
email: inbox@ahd.com
fax: 502-899-7738

Confidentiality Policy

All personal information collected from customers is used solely to administer accounts.  Information is never disclosed or used for any other purpose.

Advertising Policy

No advertising appears on subscription reports.  Advertising is not accepted for medical products or services and any advertising appearing on free reports is clearly labeled.  No revenue is received for links with business partners.


All reports include data definitions and sources. Terms of use are linked from the footer of each page.

Company Background

American Hospital Directory, Inc. is a Kentucky company founded in February, 1996.  The company is a privately owned Subchapter S Corporation.  Our FEI number is 61-1298744.

Third Party Relationships

The Company's sole sources of revenue are from subscriptions to ahd.com and the sale of custom data services. There are no third party relationships providing financial support or influencing the services provided. In the interest of transparency, however, all third party relationships are shown on the site even though there is no financial relationship or commitment. Most data used on the website or in custom data services are obtained from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) through the uniform processes it maintains for all private interests and there are no other obligations or commitments to CMS. All data sources are fully documented throughout the website.


American Hospital Directory®, AHD®, and AHD.COM® are registered trademarks of American Hospital Directory, Inc.