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Thomas H. Boyd Memorial Hospital
Carrollton, IL  62016
CMS Certification Number: 141300

Identification and Characteristics

Name and Address: Thomas H. Boyd Memorial Hospital
800 School Street
Carrollton, IL  62016
Telephone Number: (217) 942-6946
Hospital Website:
CMS Certification Number: 141300
Type of Facility: Critical Access
Type of Control: Voluntary Nonprofit, Other
Total Staffed Beds: 25
Total Patient Revenue: $19,410,133
Total Discharges: 144
Total Patient Days: 1,041
TPS Quality Score: 0.00
Patient Experience Rating: Not Available
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Clinical Services

Emergency Services
Emergency Department
Subprovider Units
Swing Beds - NF
Swing Beds - SNF
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Inpatient Utilization Statistics by Medical Service

of Stay
Case Mix
Index (CMI)
Medicine 23 2.70 $5,671 0.8454
Pulmonology 42 2.79 $7,778 0.8822
Urology 13 2.31 $5,398 0.8153
Total 92 2.68 $6,783 0.8698
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Inpatient Origin for Top 3 Zip Codes

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ZIP Code of Residence Discharges Days of Care Charges Discharges Inc/(Dec) Market Share
62016 43 139 $374,554 -27.1% 15.6%
62092 17 46 $123,758 -10.5% 7.1%

Beds and Patient Days by Unit

  Available Beds Inpatient Days
(including swing beds)
Routine Services 25 352
Special Care 0 0
Nursery 0
Total Hospital 25 1,041
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Financial Statistics

  $ %
Gross Patient Revenue $19,410,133 94.0
Non-Patient Revenue $1,241,254 6.0
Total Revenue $20,651,387  
Net Income (or Loss) $640,762 3.1
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