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Where can I obtain mailing lists or telephone contact lists?
For information on obtaining contact data please visit our Data Services section.
How do I export a list of all hospitals?
The free site was designed to enable looking up one hospital at a time.  The use of automated scripts or repetitive techniques to download information for all hospitals is not permitted.  Our subscription service provides advanced search capabilities and downloading of some information.  For information on obtaining custom datasets or special reports please visit our Data Services section.
How can I obtain files or special reports based on data from your site?
For information on obtaining datasets or special reports please visit our Data Services section.
Why am I unable to look up individual DRGs and CPTs?
Subscribers should be able to look up individual DRGs on the Inpatient Utilization report and to look up individual CPT/HCPCS codes on the Outpatient Utilization report.  Please note that the current CMS cell size suppression policy does not permit reporting codes that represent ten or fewer patients.
Why do I have to pay extra for an app?
Apps are supplemental applications that provide reporting and functionality to support specialized areas of interest. Apps are characterized by more detailed datasets and more robust reporting features. Though apps represent significant development costs, AHD decided to price them separately rather than increase basic subscription fees. In other words, the development cost of an app is borne by those who use it rather than by all subscribers whether they use it or not.
What are the sources of data?

Most of the data published in the American Hospital Directory are taken from files obtained from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Sources include:

  • The Medicare Provider Analysis and Review (MedPAR) Limited Data Set contains records for 100% of Medicare fee-for service inpatient claims.
  • The Medicare Hospital Outpatient Prospective Payment System (OPPS) Limited Data Set contains claim records for all Medicare beneficiaries using outpatient services in short term acute care hospitals.
  • The Healthcare Cost Report Information System (HCRIS) dataset contains cost, statistical, financial and other information from the Medicare Hospital Cost Reports submitted for Medicare Certified Hospitals.
  • Hospital names, addresses, telephone numbers, websites, system affiliations, etc. are maintained by American Hospital Directory and continually updated as new information becomes available.
  • Some data are also licensed from proprietary sources.  See Data Sources for more detail.
How do I know whether the data are accurate?
The American Hospital Directory takes reasonable steps to report data as they appear in public use files. There are no warranties, however, regarding accuracy or suitability for a particular purpose.
Where can I find more financial data?
Financial information from Medicare cost reports is maintained in cooperation with Cost Report Data Resources, an online source for cost report data.  The company website at provides access and downloading of hospital cost report information for periods since FY1996.
Why aren't there more recent financial data for a hospital?
Hospital cost reports are submitted to Fiscal Intermediaries about three months after the end of a hospital's fiscal year.  The most common fiscal year ending dates are 12/31 (32.9%), 6/30 (31.0%), and 9/30 (17.9%) with other months representing less than 5% each.  The processing lag time is generally at least 6 months before it becomes available in public files.  During times of change in the Medicare program the processing times can be much longer.  We update our files once each quarter when public files are updated.  See Updates for the number of hospitals by fiscal year following the latest update.
What if I have technical questions about the data?
Questions about data can be directed to and will be answered as quickly as possible.
Can I share my subscription with other people?
American Hospital Directory subscriptions have been designed and priced for single users. There are controls that prevent simultaneous use by more than one person using the same password. There are also controls that prevent unreasonably high levels of usage for a single password. (Discounts are available for multiple users within an organization. For more information please see Order Now or contact
What if I'm not satisfied with my subscription?
American Hospital Directory wants to ensure that all subscribers are satisfied with the quality and accessibility of services. If you encounter problems, please let us know. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.