Profile Compare

The Profile report is the most popular report in the AHD portfolio of online information. Of particular importance, it summarizes a hospital's bedsize, revenue, and patient days by payor for each service (routine, ICU, etc.). In addition, it summarizes discharges and average lengths of stay by payor, gross patient revenue by payor, and estimated patient volumes for key services.

The Profile Compare app introduces a new facet of reporting for these important measures by adding comparative information side-by-side. You can compare a hospital's statistics to national averages or to a peer group of hospitals that you designate.. The app is a powerful tool for use in market analysis, identifying areas for improvement, and other management interests. For example, "We're performing 21.1% of the inpatient surgeries in our market but only 18.3% of the outpatient surgeries." "The other hospitals in our market 15.5% ICU utilization rate but ours is only 4.4%."

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