Our powerful reporting series is driven by two remarkable search tools. The Quick Search appears predominately on the home page and at the top of every other page. It's a single frame where you can type key words to look up any hospital. Just a few letters of a keyword may be needed. For example, to look up The Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio simply key in "clev clin" and you will see all hospitals that match. (A list appears after there are fewer than 50 matches for your entry so refine or expand your keywords if necessary.) Keywords can pertain to a hospital's name, city, and/or state. Common abbreviations can also be used. Click on a listed hospital to see its reports.

An Advance Search is also available. It can be linked from the top of any page and enables a lookup of all hospitals that meet specified criteria. For example, enter a city and click Select to see all hospitals in the city. Multiple criteria can be specified to refine your search. You can return to the list as needed or even store it for future use e.g. peer groups, markets, etc. You can also map the listed hospital, if desired.

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