Annual Subscription

An annual subscription provides you with online access to robust search tools and highly detailed online reporting. Subscriptions are designed to present extensive levels of information in a clear format that is easy to navigate.

There are several pricing options (single, multiple, enterprise, discounted, etc.). Subscribers also receive toll-free customer support services and optional email notifications of updates and enhancements.

Advanced Search - detailed criteria for identifying hospitals

Subscribers use expanded demographic and operational criteria to select hospitals ... and there's no limit on the number of hospitals defined by a search. Hospitals meeting search criteria can be downloaded as a list, mapped, or used to link individual reports.

Your recent searches are catalogued (even between logins).

  • Quick Search includes provider id, NPI, and other lookup criteria
  • Advanced Search includes systems, geo radius, services, and more
  • Search result lists can be downloaded in Excel or as a PDF
  • Hospitals on search lists can also be added to named lists that you maintain
  • Mapped results provide powerful visuals of hospital locations and proximities
Download List - sample download

Lists of hospitals meeting search criteria can be downloaded in Excel or as a PDF. Exports include:

  • Hospital Name
  • CMS Certification Number
  • Bed size
  • City
  • State
  • ZIP
  • Telephone Number
  • Gross Revenue
  • Discharges
  • Patient Days

Exports are limited to 750 hospitals per file.

Online Reports - extensive and timely information

Reports have been developed by experienced health care professionals and are continually enhanced based on feedback from subscribers. Carefully formatted reports can be viewed online and downloaded in Excel or PDF formats.

Hospital Profile
summarizes key data from public and private sources
reporting is based on most current cost report information
reporting includes balance sheets, income statements, and more
are financial & performance measurements derived from cost reports
statistics are from Medicare claims (MedPAR) and other CMS sources
statistics are from Medicare claims (OPPS) and other CMS sources
measurements are summarized from Hospital Compare
Check it Out - look up a hospital and see what's available
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