Data Services

Need a database or list that you can integrate with your own information or make your own calculations? AHD offers sets of economically priced packaged reports which are designed based on our most common data requests. If your need is beyond the scope of our packaged reports, custom data services are available to build files to your specifications. Both packaged and custom data are available in popular formats including .csv, .txt and .xls.

Packaged Reports

Designed to accommodate common requests in predefined, ready to deliver formats.

New sets are added as new rules are promulgated by CMS, important issues emerge in the industry and based on user feedback.

Can be provided for analysis of prior year(s).

Custom Datasets

Recreate old research with current information.

Design powerful datasets specific to your needs including historical trends, contact names, market basket analysis, pricing trends, service utilization, coding practice, etc.

File(s) built to your specifications.

Quick turnaround time.

Custom Applications

Need a custom application to empower your workforce with metrics specific to your operation? AHD has the data and proven technical resources to develop turnkey applications for your enterprise. Custom applications include:

  • Pricing transparency tools for a consumer audience
  • Price and cost modeling for payer negotiations
  • Proprietary metrics for use by consulting staff
  • Sales force informational support

For information about any of these services, contact customer service at 800-894-8418 or M-F/8:30am-5:00pm EST.

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